Children and family

Coffee and Kids

Every other Wednesday, 10:30-12:00, at the church

There are babies and toddlers and parents and toys and songs and, of course, coffee at this social circle for young families. After some hanging out, there is a special “circle time” for the kids, followed by a “parent break” when mommys and daddys meet in a separate room to support and encourage each other while their children are watched by loving volunteers. We bring the coffee – you bring the kids!

Mom’s Next

Every other Tuesday, 12:30-2:00, at the church

Moms of school aged children meet to learn together and support each other as parents of faith. There is a video on a relevant topic, followed by a discussion.

Sunday School and Nursery

Every Sunday, during our Worship Service

We love our children and it matters to us that they learn about faith in a way that is relevant to their age and understanding. It also matters to us that we all worship together, so our kids start out singing with us in our “big” worship service, before they head to the other side of our building for their kids’ program. Here, kids are divided into three different age groups (preschool, primary, elementary) where they learn a story from the Bible in an interactive way enhanced with discussion, games and crafts. Infants up to 2 years of age are welcomed in our nursery throughout the service where they are watched with love by trained volunteers. Nursing mothers can also find a quiet place to nurse, and a change table and other supplies in this room.